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Our bespoke courses, crafted by industry experts will ensure you and your team are adequately prepared for whatever environment you operate in. Whether its a central city office, or a Grade V river in the alps, our array of programs offer tailored solutions to meet your needs.

First Aid

Our first aid course provides comprehensive training in essential life-saving techniques. Taught by experienced paramedics, participants will learn how to confidently respond to various emergencies, from administering CPR to treating wounds and managing medical crises. With hands-on practice and interactive learning modules, our course equips individuals with the skills and confidence needed to effectively handle emergencies and potentially save lives.

First Aid Training
Outdoor First Aid

Gain essential skills and knowledge to confidently handle emergencies in wilderness settings. Led by experienced instructors, this comprehensive course equips you with the tools to respond effectively to injuries and incidents while exploring the great outdoors. This course is perfect for anyone working in an outdoor environment, or for outdoor enthusiasts!

Rescue 3

The Whitewater Rescue Technician course is designed for recreational paddlers, Rescue Services, or anyone operating near swift water. It is best if you have existing river experience, to provide you with the necessary skills to perform rescues in whitewater river situations.
This is a 2-day course that has theoretical and practical elements including: rescue philosophy, hydrology and hazards, assessing risk, communication, white water swimming, self rescue, river crossing, and much much more!

Bespoke First Aid

For production crews operating in foreign environments, there will be certain diseases and injury patterns that wont be covered in a standard first aid course.
For example, if you are filming orangutans in the rainforests of Borneo, learning CPR on an infant is less relevant to your activities. However, how to treat snake bites, or recognise the signs and symptoms for dengue fever are far more pertinent.
Our courses are completely bespoke to your needs and developed by industry experts. Speak to us today about your upcoming projects and how we may assist.

Why choose Arc

At Arc, our tutors are first and foremost professionals in their field. This means, when they are teaching you CPR, or how to dress a wound, you know they have done it themselves many times in real life situations.

Our courses are:

The difference...

We work with our clients to deliver a course that best suits their needs. Whether your workforce is office based, or traveling abroad to a foreign environment, we will ensure you are equipped and empowered to take action if an incident were to occur. We avoid death by power point and aim to create a learning environment that is relevant to the task at hand.