Arc Safety and Medical

Remote Specialists


Arc Safety and Medical is committed to redefining safety standards in challenging environments, providing peace of mind to clients pursuing their goals in high-risk industries.


Arc's highly trained Safety and Medical Consultants can offer vigilant oversight, ensuring a safe environment for clients and their projects. Whether its urban city streets, or challenging remote locations, we have a Consultant for you. 

River Rescue

Training & Education

Our bespoke courses, crafted by industry experts will ensure you and your team are adequately prepared for whatever environment you operate in.

Risk Management

Enhance the safety of your project with Arc's Risk Management Solutions, delivering comprehensive risk assessments, medical response plans, and location reports to mitigate potential hazards and ensure success.


Our clientele include: 

  • Film and television production
  • Professional sports teams
  • Government agencies
  • Adventure tourism operators
  • Energy Companies 
  • Defense Force. 

Whether you are looking to upskill your work force, require a medical team for a challenging project, or need an experienced Consultant for a technically challenging job, we have you covered.

Contact us now to hear how we may help you achieve success, safely. 

Paramedic on Safety Boat

What makes us different

Our expertise stems from lived experience.

Our founders have honed their skills and judgment from a combined thirty years of experience working on challenging global projects. We thrive in remote, austere, and demanding environments. From jumping out of rescue helicopters into hurricane-level oceans, evacuating critical patients from remote deserts, to leading expeditions at extreme altitudes, unexplored rivers, canyons, and jungles.

We are passionate about our work and demand high standards from both our team and those who we choose to work with.